Sorry, wir haben keinen online Shop. Und es ist auch keiner in Planung. Bei uns muß noch analog eingekauft werden, wir wollen euch sehen, wir wollen das ihr unsere Sachen anprobieren und anfassen könnt. Wir sind da altmodisch und wollen das auch bleiben, es gibt ja auch keine „online Bars“. Gebt euer Geld doch lieber im „richtigen“ Leben aus, die Menschen werden euch dafür mögen. Kommt einfach vorbei wenn ihr in der Nähe seid, und fragt uns nach unseren Sonderangeboten für enttäuschte Onlineshopper.

Sorry no online shop at the moment and there won´t be a online shop in the future.  We think shopping is a personal thing, you have to feel it, touch it and try it. Did you ever had a „virtual“ hangover? We guess not, so please go and spend your money where people are – they are real. We are a little old fashioned, don´t blame us for this. If you like our stuff, just come by while you are in Berlin, and ask for a discount.

7 Kommentare zu „Onlineshop

  1. Good afternoon there!

    altough i really chear at you guys not having a webshop, at this moment it is a bit inconvenient. About 2 years ago i went to your shop in Berlin (and the rest of Berlin, ofcourse) and bought a great jacket (red trainer, who killed bambi on the back). I loved this jacket, but unfortunately it was stolen from me. I’ve been trying to find a new one online, but there seems to be no other way than buy one ‚the old-fashioned analog way :D‘. Sadly enough, i’m not going to be in Berlin any time soon.

    Is there any way you can help me get this great jacket again? I really hope so..

    I would love to hear from you,


    1. Dear Saskia,

      I really feel sorry that someone stole your jacket, I m sure this person won t have any luck in the future. I m also sorry that we do not have an online shop, but I swear we will never have one.

      Since I m traveling in the moment there is not much I can do for you right now. But in generall we have the problem that all of the jackets are limited to 30 pieces per colour and size, and I don t know waht colours in stock. I will asked a colluege of mine to get in touch with you and I m sure we can send you a jacket – see this is not online shopping, this is online request, and we are open for that.

      All the very best


  2. Hi, last week I’ve been to your store in Rosenthaler Platz and I literally fell in love with one of these: (especially the one with the atzec print). Unfortunately I couldn’t buy it because I hadn’t enough space in my luggage. I know that it’s weird request and I also support your decision of not having an online store,but is there a possibility that you could send me one of this bags? (I live in Rome, btw)

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